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Nobel Biocare Prosthetic Solutions

Our state-of-the-art optical scanner allows for the creation of high-speed and extremely precise CAD/CAM dental solutions. We are an officially authorized scanning laboratory.

With exceptional accuracy this scanner enables unique and patented scanning technology for highly precise data acquisition. Based on conoscopic holography, this scanner provides outstanding accuracy for both impression-scanning and conventional cast-scanning.

Conoscopic holography is an advanced scanning technology capable of capturing the shape of complex objects with extraordinary precision. In contrast to other optical scanning techniques like triangulation, this new technology projects and reflects light beams from a scanned object across the same linear pathway. This co-linearity measures steep angles and deep cavities for precision scanning.

Precision engineered CAD/CAM restorations NobelProcera

Our products and solutions are designed to give patients functional and natural-looking tooth restorations to last a lifetime. Nobel Biocare approaches the development of each new product with advanced engineering, thorough verification, validation and specialized milling strategies and tooling. The results of these efforts are a consistent precision of fit and exceptional product quality. The interface is designed for a precise fit, designed to create a barrier to prevent the penetration of bacteria.
NobelProcera Zirconia is the ceramic material of choice for strong and highly esthetic restorations. Frameworks in Zirconia are available for cement- and screw-retained solutions on teeth and implants from single-unit to multi-unit restorations. Zirconia displays excellent biocompatibility with significant reduction of plaque and bacterial adhesion on surfaces.

Industrial material shading (available in four shades: white, light, medium, intense) guarantees consistent color and strength values of the material
NobelProcera Titanium is highly biocompatible and produces excellent soft tissue response. This material represents an excellent alternative in cases where the clinical situation limits the application of Zirconia frameworks.
NobelProcera Titanium restorations are milled from a solid onobloc for extraordinary strength and precision of fit. NobelProcera Titanium offers a cost-efficient alternative to casted PFMs for temporary and final prosthetics.
New NobelProcera Crown in Multi-layered Zirconia with High Translucency
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With NobelProcera CAD/CAM solutions all your needs are covered – from single- to multi-unit restorations
With both zirconia and titanium NobelProcera custom abutments, we provide a fantastic selection for our doctors. These highly esthetic, biocompatible abutments are crafted using CAD technology. They can fit on nearly any angle, taper, finish line, and cross-sectional form. These options are available in titanium or zirconia.

NobelProcera Zirconia Abutment
All indications*
Cement- and screw-retained solution
Individualized abutment design for superior esthetics
For Nobel Biocare implants and other major implant systems
Strong and biocompatible
In four shades: white, light, medium, intense

NobelProcera Titanium AbutmentAll indications
Individualized abutment design for superior esthetics
For Nobel Biocare implants and other major implant systems
Exceptional strength
Milled from a solid monobloc
Unlimited emergence profile (5-axis milling)
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Angulated screw channel solutions
Manage challenging cases easier with cement-free solutions
More restorative flexibility without compromising esthetics
Gain access: patient comfort and accessibility even with limited vertical space
Easy and quick: never-before-experienced pick-up functionality
ASC is part of our complete posterior solution.

Nobel Procera fixed implant restorations
Provide maximum comfort and function with Nobel Procera CAD/CAM implant bars and bridges for fixed dental prosthetics
With Nobel Procera you receive the precision needed for the success and longevity of your restoration. We offer screw-retained implant bridges as well as implant bars for fixed prostheses

NobelProcera fixed-removable implant restorations Maximize your restorative flexibility with patient-specific implant bars for fixed-removable solutions
Seek new opportunity and provide versatile fixed and fixed-removable solutions for edentulous patients. From cost-effective Dolder bars to high-end solutions like Zirconia implant bridges. Choose between a wide variety of bars and attachments and receive ready-to-use products milled from one solid block.

NobelProcera authentication tool to quickly check if you’ve received a genuine NobelProcera product
* Excludes acrylics
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